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36 Rocky Point Rd, Kogarah, NSW

Grandmaster Boseong Kwon

Grandmaster Boseong Kwon is a Internationally recognised Full Contact Taekwondo Master. His awesome speed and incredible power have given him and his Academy’s the reputation as the Practical Self Defence specialist. Grandmaster Boseong Kwon established Master Kwon’s Martial Arts Academy in San Souci in Sep 2006.  In August 2010, He opened his full time Martial arts Training center in Kogarah.

Master Kwon’s Martial Arts Academy has produced champions in life and as well as in the martial arts.

Master Bo Seong Kwon started Martial Art When he was 7 years old, at around this time , he learnt Tae Kwon Do, and later Pro Tae Kwon Do( Full contact Taekwondo), Hapkido, Composite Martial Arts, Kickboxing, and Bul Moo Do (Buddhist’s Martial Arts), ending up acquiring the certificate of instructor with 6th dan of Olympic Taekwondo (WTF), the 8th Dan of Pro Tae Kwon do and the 6th dan of Composite Martial Arts, 7th dan of Hapkido and 5th dan of Bul Moo Do. While Grandmaster Kwon studied alternative medicine (such as chiropractic’s, sport-related massage and exercise therapies) he trained Bul Moo Do at Bomosa temple under Grand-master Ando, President of Korean Buddhist Martial Arts. 

During Military service, he was given official recognition by the commanding officer for instructing Tae Kwon Do to officers and soldiers.


  • A graduate Honam University
       – South Korea
       – BA. Phys Ed.
  • South Korea Military Service
      – R.O.T.C (Reserve Officers Training Corps) 39 / Leiutenant
      – TKD Instructor
  • WTF-Certified Instructor   (Kukkiwon)
  • 6th Dan – Taekwondo (WTF)
  • 8th Dan – Protaekwondo(IPTF)
  • 6th Dan – Composite Martial Arts
  • 5th Dan – Bulmudo (Buddhist Martial Arts)
  • 7th Dan – Hapkido
  • First Aid / RSA
  • Security License (1AC)
  • Founder of Protaekwondo  Hoshinkwan
  • President (International Hoshinkwan Protaekwondo Federation)
  • General Secretary (International Protaekwondo Federation)
  • International Director (World Hapkido Martial Arts Federation)
  • Select Class
  • Personal Details

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