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Early Skillz, Core Skillz, Elite Skillz (4 to 12yrs) Kids Martial Arts Programmes

Martial Arts Begins and Ends With Respect 

Our Little Dragons & Junior Dragons Success For Life Martial Arts Programmes are based on the core values of Martial Arts training. “Martial Arts Begins and Ends With Respect.” From this basic premise, we develop your child’s awareness and skills in three primary areas: Respect, Discipline and Self Control. Our core curriculum includes hi-energy drills and skills designed to build and condition each child’s attitude, behaviour and overall character development.

Our training instills confidence through positive coaching, lot’s of encouragement and a powerful mentoring  relationship with role model Instructors. We also teach  valuable life skills that focus on goal-setting, positive attitude, relationship   building, communication skills and leadership. We offer an exciting step-by-step coaching series to develop these critical personal development and high-level achievement skills.

Practical Self-Defence & Safety Awareness 

Safe kids make for happy parents. Kids tend to listen to people they like, trust and respect. Our highly trained teaching staff will share vital safety tips and teach your child practical self-defence. Most important is that your child understands some simple rules of  safety. They will learn tips such as safety in numbers and learning to practice safe habits in their daily routine. Knowledge is power; we provide an explanation of common abduction lures and teach kids to be cautiously aware of their surroundings. No parent wants their child to live in fear, yet they want to know that their child is safe. We believe strongly in helping your child become a confident and capable young adult who understands right from wrong and will know when to stand their ground and when to run-yell & tell. We also stress non-violent conflict resolution, how to avoid dangerous situations.

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